hanks to our products, herbs, with their plentiful beneficial substances, such as vitamins and minerals, can be added to your menus without making your life difficult.

We would like to arouse your curiosity and introduce treasures that are within easy reach. We would like to rediscover with you the richness of the vegetable world, to show you the way towards tastes and flavors which could make your daily life brighter. We would like to talk to you about the plants containing ingredients most likely to have positive effects on health and as such to your health.

We can convince you that with no difficulty your health will be improved further to adding herbs and products containing herbs to your diet.

A healthy and balanced diet together with the correct use of herbs will strengthen your body, will increase your immunity, and will help you to avoid diseases linked to our modern lifestyle. It is high time to rediscover herbs, which are part of our surroundings.

A knowledge in herbal medicine can help relieve a lot of our ailments.

Do you have a small cold, an upset stomach, trouble falling asleep, sunburn, herpes or do you feel run down ? If you do, it is time to start using herbs before switching to active chemically synthesized substances manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Biologically active substances, which are contained in plants can be administrated in ways that are softer and easier to digest. Producing and eliminating such substances has fewer negative effects on the environment than their chemical equivalents manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

Human beings around the world have always explored botanical treasures in order to find wellbeing and to meet their needs.

Before you start your adventure with herbs, we would like to remind you of the famous quotation by Paracelse, the father of modern medicine « What is poison ? » Everything is poison, nothing is poison, only the dose is poison » (Dosos facit venenum). That is the reason why herbs should only used most carefully.

Therefore, always inform a doctor as to which herbs you take, how often, in what amounts, in what manner you do and since how long you have. Some biologically active substances contained in herbs may interact with some medicines and alter their action.

Of course we do not mean to keep you away from conventional medicine and we do not claim that we can cure you of your diseases.

In case of any ailment, do not hesitate to seek medical help as soon as you can.

If you are concerned about being healthier, The Herbs Functional Food, will help you to find out all about herbs and will provide you with products to meet your expectations.