Acacia Honey with Herbs „Resistance and balance”


natural acacia honey contains a large amount of natural vitamin C, fructose and bioflavonoids. With 80 mg daily intake of vitamin C, our product has a beneficial effect on the normal formation of collagen in order to ensure normal operation of the blood vessels, bone and cartilage, gums, skin , teeth, nervous system and the immune system.
This product is safe product for patients with both type I or II diabetes because of its fructose content of a low glycemic index.

Direction of use:

1 spoon (approximately 16g) of honey once a day. It can be dissolved in warm (not hot) liquids such as: tea, coffee, milk, coco, or consumed as part of the meal (preferably on whole meal or rye bread).


natural acacia honey (41%), fructose, natural water extract from: blackcurrant fruit, hawthorn fruit, chokeberry fruit, acerola cherry fruit, common sea – buckthorn fruit, cranberry fruit, melissa herb, hydrocotyle herb.