Acacia Honey with Herbs „Wellnes for digestion”


Natural acacia honey contains large quantities of vitamin C as well as large quantities of fructose and bioflavonoids. This great composition of natural ingredients improves and supports digestive system functioning. Acacia honey is particularly helpful in the situation where digestion problems are the result of physical strain or stressful intellectual work. 
The product is safe for patients with type I and II diabetes, as it contains fructose of low glycemic index.

Direction of use:

1 spoon (approximately 16g) of honey once a day. It can be dissolved in warm (not hot) liquids such as: tea, coffee, milk, coco, or consumed as part of the meal (preferably on whole meal or rye bread).


natural acacia honey (40%),food fructose, natural water extract from: rosehip, blackcurrant fruit, rowanberry, melissa leaf, lavender flower, angelica root.