Grain Coffee with Herbs „Slimness”


Natural, monastic delicacy. Coffee is made, among others, of roasted grains. Thanks to this, it contains valuable fibre, proteins and carbohydrates. At the same time, it does not contain any fat. It is recommended especially during weight loss therapy. Grain coffee can be served with milk.

Directions for use:

Add 1 tea spoon of coffee to one glass of boiling water, then cover for about 2-3 minutes. Drink 2-3 times a day.
Children under the age of 12, breastfeeding mothers or pregnant women should be careful eating plants to which they might be allergic.


Grain coffee – 90% (cichorium, sugar beet, barley, rye), herbs – 10% (dandelion root, linseed, field horsetail herb, yarrow herb, hibiscus flower).

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